CaffeineCast: Episode 3 – NOS!!!!

NOS Energy Drinks Various Flavors

In this episode, we get our BUZZZ on with NOS! Tedd is officially the first person to discover Frappuccinos at Starbucks-kind of. Rockstar milkshakes are on the horizon… otherwise known as a “Rockstar-uccino”.  We share a new study proving that just the smell of coffee (caffeine) gets people energized.

We share our childhood memories of how we first got into caffeine and consumed it as teenagers. (disclaimer: DON’T drink energy drinks if you’re a teenager!) Tedd shares a bit of interesting, and depressing Coke-a-Cola history—caffeine is the drug that replaced cocaine in original Coke-a-Cola.

We finally get to our reviews of NOS energy drinks!

  • Original NOS (GREAT!)
  • Sugar-Free (Nooooooo)
  • Nitro Mango (Taylor’s Favorite)
  • Cherried Out (Not too shabby)
  • Rowdy (Meh)
  • GT Grape (Meh)

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